Harmony Acres' presents: Life Adjusted

Avalon Theatre
645 Main St, Grand Junction, CO 81501
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Event Description

Life, Adjusted is a visual and sentimental portrayal of the subtle, yet profound experience of receiving Chiropractic care from both a human and animal perspective, thus revealing the innate intelligence within all of us.
The film follows Jay through his everyday life: traveling, teaching, adjusting and bringing love, light, and wisdom with him wherever he goes. It offers an intimate witness to the magic of the adjustment, and experience his mastery first hand. Throughout the film, the film crew interviews friends, family, clients and colleagues of Jay, and present stories and accounts of a humble man who, through his love for humans and animals alike, has dedicated his life to helping us see and know the brilliance that we are.


Dr. Jay will be present to give a talk and answer questions after the movie.